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Tough Spots Cream
Tough Spots Cream The skin that covers our bodies is called the "epidermis" which contains several layer. Some layers are thicker than others, the eyelid for example, is the thinnest containing only 4 layers.

Particular areas of the skin such as elbows, knees and heels are quite thick and more elastic than other areas. They comprise of 10 or more layers as protection against frequent friction, bumps and abrasions.

These areas of skin are prone to roughness, dryness, cracking and discolouration. Therefore they need extra protection, but are usually areas that are most neglected.

Finally there is a solution. Refer Whitening Tough Spots Cream has been specially created to care for these areas. Refer Whitening Tough Spots Cream, restores hydration giving your skin a soft, smooth feel as well as balancing skin tones, after just 2 weeks of continuous use