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Cracked Heel Cream
Cracked Heel Cream Give a special treatment to your heels and feet by treating them with Refer Cracked Heel Cream that contains herbs and fruits nutrients, and other essential ingredients suited to have a healthy heel and foot.

Refer ideally provides fast relief from dry, cracked skin on heel and foor, restoring the skin to its natural condition.

Make it a part of your daily routine to use Refer, a perfect approach to show and maintain a great-looking heel and foot.

Special Benefits :
1. Formulated with natural herbs to form a protective barrier on the heels and feet to help prevent dryness, painful cracks, and unpleasant odours.
2. It will leave your heels and feet feeling soft and smooth, while not irritating its sensitive areas.

Natural Herb Ingredients :
Tamarind and mixed fruits extracts - natural sources of alpha-hydroxy-acid(AHA) which help to remove dead skin cell, proliferate, moisturize and smoothen skin cells, thus reduce the formation of dry, scaly skon.
Liquorice extract - a soothing herb that helps to balance natural skin tone.
Mangosteen and lichen extracts - possess antimicrobial properties and are effective against bacteria, fungi and yeast infections which are the most common causes of foot odour.
Sesame seed oil - rehydrates the skin and prevets deyness.
Aloe vera powder - contains anti-irritant and moisturising properties.

Directions for Use :
Apply Refer on your heels and feet, especially on the dry and cracked areas, and massage